About Zangmo Alexander's Art 

Meditation No 11 Oil Painting
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What Remains? Collage
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How can one integrate the craziness and suffering of the human condition with the aware, spacious, joyous, compassionate essence we all have at the heart of this suffering? 


For over 25 years, I have been investigating how painting, drawing, photographing and writing can support my spiritual path. My mixed media visual art practice is informed both by my own conditioning as part of the Jewish diaspora within the western culture and by practices of awareness meditation, contemplation and compassionate action as understood in the Tibetan Buddhist Mahamudra and Dzogchen traditions. I have learned a huge amount and continue to be amazed by how meditation, contemplation, everyday life and creativity seem to intimately support each other. 


Practices include freely combining drawing, painting, photography, monoprint, video, image and text, collage, asemic writing and artist’s book making as supports for meditation and contemplation. My interest is as much in the process of inquiry through making, meditating, contemplating, reflecting and documenting as in the products at the end.


I have recently received funding to develop a project Awakening Through Creativity. Documentation from this project will form the basis for writing the book on the subject alongside developing a mindful art course and art and secular mindfulness resources for educators and therapists.